2017 Bridesmaid Style Guide


Your wedding day is an exciting day not only in your life, but in the life of your supporting bridesmaid’s as well! Choosing a bridesmaid dress can be difficult, since it’s challenging to find the right style and color that will flatter all of your leading ladies. Of course you will want them to match your wedding theme but you certainly don’t want it to get on the tacky side of things. With this bridesmaid style guide, your bridesmaids will fit in perfectly and still appear unique at your wedding. Continue reading “2017 Bridesmaid Style Guide”


Stylish Shoes for Homecoming


You spend so much time searching for a homecoming dress – finding the right style, color, size, and cut. Odds are, you’re only going to wear this outfit once, then stick it in the back of your closet or donate it. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have to be the case for your whole attire. Whether you purchase your shoes before or after you decide on a dress, this guide will ensure that your homecoming shoes will match any style gown – now and in the future. Continue reading “Stylish Shoes for Homecoming”