Stylish Prom Hairpieces


Now that you have found your dress, your shoes, and your clutch, what about a little something to add sparkle to your hair! Whether you are going for an understated classic prom look, or all out glam with head to toe sparkles, there is a headpiece out there for any and every style. Coordinate your look by matching your headpiece to your other jewelry, and accent your gorgeous prom hairstyle. Here are our Hebeos favorite ideas for Headpieces for Prom! Continue reading “Stylish Prom Hairpieces”


How to Rein Flats to Prom


These days, traditional prom “rules” and traditions are starting to change to make room for individual style. While prom is all about glam, glam does not mean sky-high heels are a necessity. What if your date is a bit shorter than you, or if you simply don’t like subjecting your feet to a pair of heels, no matter how fabulous! Well here at Hebeos we have some good news for you, flats can be just as glam at prom, and can complete an amazing prom look. Here are some great ideas for How to Rein Flats at Prom! Continue reading “How to Rein Flats to Prom”


Your Prom Beauty Checklist


Are you ready to start planning your perfect prom night? Prom is one of the most unforgettable moments of high school. It’s worth putting in effort to make it amazing. If you start planning a few months in advance you’ll have plenty of time to find a gorgeous dress, finalize your prom group and make awesome plans for before and after prom. The checklist is long, but try to have fun with it! Remember that the time and energy you spend preparing will pay off when prom finally rolls around. Continue reading “Your Prom Beauty Checklist”


How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Prom Dress


Unlike a wedding dress, prom dresses come in many different colors and styles! One thing to consider when buying a prom dress is picking a color that best suits you. There are so many styles to pick from and on top of that they come in a vast variety of colors! The selection out there is exponentially great, so no wonder you are looking for a way to narrow down the color options! I would like to help you with that. So here is a simple guide to helping you pick the best color for your prom dress! Continue reading “How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Prom Dress”


Gorgeous Dresses for Spring Time Events


Spring has finally arrived! After months of harsh winter, we are more than ready for spring sunshine and warmer weather. As the flowers are finally coming out, spring events are just around the corner. Are you looking for a perfect dress for an upcoming event? Whether it is for a baby shower, an engagement party or just a fancy lunch with friends, we have a dress for any occasion. Here are our favorite Hebeos Dresses for Every Spring Time Event! Continue reading “Gorgeous Dresses for Spring Time Events”


Bridesmaid Dresses Come in Various Shades of Pink


Pink is a color that will always be favored by girls, not to mention that it used to be on fashion on sporadic periods of time. Even nowadays the choice of Pink Bridesmaid Dresses is seen as a joyful and beautiful choice when you have to plan the elements of your wedding celebration and the outfit of your bridesmaids is quite an issue.The pink bridesmaid dresses are options that go very well for each style of wedding celebration, as they come as a loveable spot of color on the backdrop of a wedding celebration. Besides you, the bride, there is this group of bridesmaids that will attract your guests’ attention and just imagine how this can be seen?When you are shopping for pink bridesmaid dresses, you will find that you have a fantastic number of choices, in every shade of pink. Continue reading “Bridesmaid Dresses Come in Various Shades of Pink”