2017 Floral Homecoming Dresses You Can Own


Hot weather is finally here, and it’s time to start browsing for homecoming dresses! While you are it, you should also start checking out for dresses for your upcoming summer events! Summer weddings, engagement parties, graduation parties— the list goes on and on. Hebeos dresses are perfect for any event and will keep you fresh and on trend for the summer, while you add your own twist and style to them with your favorite accessories, hair styles, and makeup looks! Continue reading “2017 Floral Homecoming Dresses You Can Own”


Exquisite 2017 Homecoming Hairstyles


Homecoming season is slowly approaching, and it’s never too early to star thinking about how do you want to compliment your look. Once you choose your gown, the next natural step is to start thinking about accessories and finding a nice bag and pair of shoes. Maybe what kind of makeup you want to rock. Here at Hebeos, though, we are obsessed with all things hair. That’s why we compiled a list of Exquisite Homecoming hairstyles that would look awesome on you. Continue reading “Exquisite 2017 Homecoming Hairstyles”


How to Display Your Prom Memory Lane


Whether you already celebrated your prom or about to do it, if there’s one thing you can be certain of is that you will have tons of memories to cherish and want to remember. Prom season is our favorite, a time filled with celebrations leading to the main event: the commemoration of your high school years and everything that you and your friend did during your time there. Continue reading “How to Display Your Prom Memory Lane”


Special Face Masks for Your Skin


Face masks are an under-appreciated addition to skincare routines, either consigned to the retro, peel-off variety of teenage sleepovers or else saved for those once-a-year evenings where you actually have time for a bath and some ‘pamper time’. But, used once or twice a week, a good clay mask can go a long way to draw out impurities, brighten dull, tired skin and, in the long term, help prevent breakouts. Continue reading “Special Face Masks for Your Skin”


What Fabric to Choose for Your Wedding Dress?


When searching for your wedding dress, there is a good choice when it comes to fabric and sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide whether the work of the right fabric for you. Many dresses are made from materials that you wouldn’t normally wear for your day-to-day clothes, so it’s handy to know what to look for, and the different attributes of each type of fabric. Here is a general guide to wedding dress fabrics and how to wear: Continue reading “What Fabric to Choose for Your Wedding Dress?”


Top 5 Ways to Remix and Reuse Your Prom Dresses


Your prom dress is such a huge part of your prom night, and you will remember it for the rest of your life. But once prom season is over, we’re sure many of you glance at your gorgeous prom dress and wonder, “when will I ever use this again?” The thought probably ran through your head when you bought the dress. Prom dresses can cost several hundred dollars, and to only use it once would be a waste. It deserves to get shown off again and again. Sure, we may be iffy about wearing the same dress twice; especially when it comes to your Instagram photo cadence. Although there is no shame in using it for another special occasion, here are 5 top ways to remix and reuse your prom dress. Continue reading “Top 5 Ways to Remix and Reuse Your Prom Dresses”