Top 5 Thanksgiving Theme Cakes Ideas

The Thanksgiving party is a striking event, where individuals overlook their distresses, hatred and hold hands to celebrate the occasion with happiness, fun and satisfaction. This occasion brings people from various parts of the globe together. Friends meet, family members come together and neighbors forget their enmity and celebrate together. People try to make this party special by adding a touch of creativity and love. They plan for eminent parties, which include beautiful decoration, lip-smacking food, exciting games and wonderful Thank you gifts. This is the occasion, where people of various thoughts and ages rejoice together. 


A Thanksgiving cake provides an alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie for the holiday meal. Thanksgiving comes with several different symbols, good work on the cake. Turkey is an important part of Thanksgiving. Here are top 5 different ways to perform the turkey cake for thanksgiving theme, based on personal preferences and decorative.

3D Pumpkin

General decline in the feeling of the pumpkin, and it is suitable for Thanksgiving. Bundt cake pan, not any engraving creating 3D pumpkin shape. Baked bundt cake, so that they can fully cooled. Pruning the curved top edge of the cake to flat. This will be the bottom of the cake. The cut side on the cake board. Smear layer on top of it freezes, and other Bundt the top of the cake. Ice orange cake frosting. Add some artificial waterfalls around the base of the pumpkin leaves and flowers, more a sense of falling. You can also make these projects, this is an edible materials like clay fudge.



Tortillas, Turkey

Tortillas turkey cake to do a simple basis. Any size tortillas, engineering, and the turkey you want, you have a number of guests. Cover the entire cake brown matte coating. Rounded edges of the cake to create turkey tail feathers. Using different colors of icing feathers around the cake. Add the turkey neck brown matte and cake in the middle of the head. With frosting mouth, acacia and other turkey functions.



Cooked Turkey

Thanksgiving cake like cooked turkey cake creative. 3D cake with very little cutting. The main part of the turkey cooked two moon cake baked bowl. Borosilicate use an 8-inch oven safe bowl to bake a cake. If you want a big turkey, you can use a large bowl. Another cake in baking bread plate. When the bread pan cake is cool, cut into the shape of two turkey drumsticks. The human body, the connection of the two flat sides of bowl cakes, plus a layer of dull. The cake will be on their side connected to the vertical run down the middle of the cake. Trim one edge of the cake will not rest, so it does not roll around. The brown matte turkeys cover the body. Use string to hold drumsticks to the turkey on both sides of the main body. Frost coat drumstick. Cake frosting turkey stuffing, cut into chunks created. Tuck in a piece of lettuce or other decorations around the base of the cake to make it look more like a real turkey.



Leaf Cake

If you think of a subject that isn’t related to Turkey, including a fall theme and create a leaf cake. Purchase leaves shaped pan shop online or in the baking supplies. Roasted leaf paper cake, and then rolled out in the autumn leaf color of fudge. Leaf cake placed on top of the candy, and cut out the shape of the blades. The veins of the leaves with a knife drawn.


Pilgrim Hat

Pilgrim hat is another simple 3D cake, so Thanksgiving. You need three or four round cake, it depends on what you want how high hat cake. You also need black fudge the edges with the hat. Fudge cake decorating part in craft stores. Color to black fudge. You can tone fudge with food coloring, but true black is difficult to achieve. Roll out into a large table of fudge. The cut circle is greater than the edge of the cake. Edge of the plate on the cake. Stacking the icing on the cake frosting between cake with them on the edge of the layer. Cake with black matte. You can also use black fondant cake is successfully completed. The remaining black fudge, with a cut-out. Near the edge will be placed around the base of tortillas. Cut out a square buckle, a small amount of yellow fudge. Place it in the middle of the band.



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